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Diesel Mechanics Specialists

Somos una empresa con 58 años de historia, atendiendo requerimientos mecánicos. Nuestra estrategia es la diversificación de servicios, productos y accesorios relacionados al mantenimiento y reparación de todo tipo de motores a diésel y motogeneradores de la industria Oil & Gas en el Golfo de México. Contamos con el servicio de sistemas contraincendio, Así como también la rehabilitación de partes de diversas marcas como: Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, Cummins, Perkins y EMD.

Current generators

Fire Fighting Systems Fire Pumps

Power Systems Maintenance

Parts & Equipment

Industrial Fluid Treatment

In 2010 the company ECO GREEN & BLUE was founded in Ciudad Del Carmen. In 2011, with RedFox, we ventured into the treatment of wastewater (black and gray) for safe discharge. As a result of these successes, we became familiar with the mechanics and became familiar with the highest quality equipment and supplies available in the industry for the handling of water and other fluids. In 2018 we became representatives and distributors of Alfa-Laval equipment for the marine-petroleum sector in the Gulf of Mexico.

Water and oil purification

Heat exchangers

Sistemas de generación de agua fresca

Logistics and coastal based solutions

Redsol integrates and provides integral logistics solutions for the oil & gas sector in the ports of the Gulf of Mexico. We started performing offshore logistics in the projects of the companies belonging to GEMA, integrating a wide variety of products and processes, including the manufacture of CCUs. Our staff is our greatest strength, providing a specialized service that generates benefits to our customers, adapting to their needs and optimizing processes to achieve cost reduction.

Specialized Transport

Trámites ante API.

American Trade Dealers

AMERICAN TRADE DEALER MEXICO is a company with experience in the procurement of products, components and supplies in the American market. In ATD we complement the supply chain of our operational and commercial partners.

business partner

Inspection & Risk Analysis

We are a multidisciplinary group of maintenance and reliability specialists with enough experience to provide integral solutions in the management of the mechanical integrity of your physical assets. We are certified by international organizations such as SMRP, API, ASME, AWS, not to mention that our leader has successfully completed projects in Mexico and Colombia.

Non Destructive Testing

Manufacturing Inspection

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