In 1963 the first Company of the Group was founded in Ciudad del Carmen. From its beginnings servig diesel engines of the Campeche Bay shrimp fishing boats as a mechanics and manufacture shop solving the spare part scarcity of the time. Due to the flora of the area some engine components were manufactured from hard woods and would last even longer than genuine parts.
In 1981 there is a transition in the predominant economic activity to the Oil and Gas Industry due to the then recent discovery Cantarell Oilfield. That shift in the industry allowed the diversification of our activities and made us who we are today.


We are a group of companies providing reliable and valuable integral solutions to the energy sector of the Gulf of Mexico.


Offer the highes value solutions in the market for the Gulf of Mexico energy sector through systematic excellence in service and the highest performance systems available.


  • Quality and Safety. Highest value of our Human Capital in the development of any activitiy.
  • Ethical and Anti-Bribery Policy. . In interactions with our collaborators, clients, suppliers, partners and the environment. We are convinced that honest work provides the grates benefits for everyone involved in our operations.
  • Social Responsibility and Sutainability. . Carry the activity with the least posible environmental impact. Being aware of the place of operations, seeking to return a positive impact to the environment and the community.
  • Dedication and Commitment. To achieve the goals though study, patience and optimism, as tireless improvement of processes. Nothing is imposible, we know our business.
  • Reinvestmen. To evaluate opportunities in detail and take them. Time flies, as do opportunities for growth.